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قطره چکان Click Tif–HD جین
آذر 30, 1395
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قطره چکان Click Tif–HD جین

مشخصات محصول:

کارخانه سازنده: جین (Jain)

توضیحات مختصر:

  • آبدهی: 1.3 ، 2 ، 3 ، 4 ، 8 ، 12 لیتر بر ساعت
  • فشار کارکرد: 0.5 تا 4 بار
  • خود شوینده
  • در دو مدل PC (بدنه سبز) و PCNL (بدنه خاکستری)
  • با دو نوع خروجی پیکان دار و چند منظوره
  • مقاوم در برابر مواد شیمیایی و اشعه UV
  • حداقل فیلتراسیون مورد نیاز: 100 میکرون

تعداد در کارتن:  




سایر مشخصات:

Chemical-resistant high-grade plastic material for precision, durability and flow-rate reliability .

The dripper design integrates three elements to minimize clogging.

Protected cross-shaped water inlet.
Flushing mechanism of regulating diaphragm.
Strong turbulent flow in labyrinth with continual cleaning and flushing.

Large water passages.

Two models are available: PC and PC CNL (anti-drainage).

Colour-coded for identification of discharge and model

PC+ CNL: Grey housing

PC: Green housing

1.3 lph: Grey cover
2.0 lph: Brown cover
3.0 lph: Blue cover
4.0 lph: Black cover
8.0 lph: Green cover
12.0 lph: Red cover

Standard 5 mm extension for connection of extenstion tube.

Wide and precise regulating range from 0.5 to 4.0 kg/cm² (7.11 to 56.88 psi).

Nominal discharge: 1.3, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 8.0, 12.0 lph.

CVm: less than 4%.

Prevents low head drainage (CNL model).

Opening pressure: 8.0 m
Closing pressure: 3.0 m

Maximum lateral Length (m) on flat ground.

Precise irrigation in soilless culture growing conditions and pulse irrigation.

Can be used for subsurface installation.

On demand Click Tif-HD can also be supplied with anti-bug cap option for protection against bugs.

On demand Click Tif-HD can also be supplied with barbed outlet option.

Required punch size 2.5 mm (code – ITC).

Minimum filtration requirement – 100 micron.


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قطره چکان

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