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ادامه مطلب

سه راه 16 میلیمتری پلی رود
آذر 29, 1395
معرفی محصول خود

سه راه 16 میلیمتری پلی رود

مشخصات محصول:

کارخانه سازنده: پلی رود اتصال

توضیحات مختصر:

اندازه (mm): 16*16*16

جنس: پلی پروپیلن کوپلیمر

فشار قابل تحمل: 4 اتمسفر

نوع: فشاری دندانه دار

تعداد در کارتن:  1100 عدد



Double Barbed Tee 16mm is a high quality, double barbed connector for adding an additional line into an irrigation system to allow for further lengths of supply pipe to be connected to the system and therefore the number of emitters (drippers, micro sprinklers, etc)

Double barbs offer long term reliability of connections, and also a sturdy connection between pipe and connector. For extra security, we recommend the use of a ratchet clamp to prevent pipe from slipping

Manufactured from high quality materials to be heat, chemical and wear resistant. Also UV stabilised to prevent deterioration under the sun




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